Education By Design launches new website

Education By Design Launches New Website

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Education By Design Launches New Website

Education By Design is excited to launch its new website.

Education by Design is a grass-roots intervention non-profit program for school aged children in need of academic, social, and emotional, support, from 2nd to 11th grade. Rooted in a commitment of more than 25 years of advocacy for community development and self-empowerment, the organization’s founder Dr. Joycelyne Fadojutimi, transformed her doctoral studies into action with the establishment of Education by Design, an innovative non-profit organization to combat the ills of poverty, low educational attainment, and hopelessness.

The majority of students served are from low-income, under-resourced, single parent, minority families where examples of academic attainment and success are limited. Hence, Education by Design tutors, mentors, and coaches for academic achievement and constructive character development to assist students and their families in transformation.

Education By Design President, Chad Jones, said:

Our entire team is thoroughly excited about the launch of our new website. The site will allow us to reach a much bigger audience and help many more young people to achieve their true potential through closer educational and emotional support.

New website designed, built and hosted by Clarity Digital.